UPDATE: The July MAC Meeting & What Comes Next

Even though MAC changed its regular 1st Wednesday of the month meeting date to Monday, July 11, there was Standing Room Only to hear the Action item, The Park at Granite Bay, which is located on the west side of Sierra College Boulevard north of Old Auburn Road. The 16.3 acre site is zoned for .9 to 2.3 acres per dwelling and would allow a maximum of 16 homes. This infill project is surrounded by 1 to 4 acre lots and seeks a General Plan Amendment to the Granite Bay Community Plan, Rezone, and Variances in order to construct 56 homes.

There were just five MAC members present to hear input for and against the project. After about 2 hours, MAC voted 3-2 to deny the project stating an insufficiently compelling basis to recommend approval of the project given the concessions requested.

The next step in the process is for the Planning Commission to hold a public hearing which is tentatively set for August 25 at the DeWitt Center in Auburn. Unfortunately, this is just the beginning of the many projects requesting large increases in density and changes to land use.

Whitehawk I – Tentatively set as an action item at MAC August 3 meeting. Requesting 24 single family homes on parcel zoned for 8 homes, existing zoning is 2.3 acre parcels – proposed are 0.4 acre parcels. Needs General Plan Amendment and Rezone.

Whitehawk II – Tentatively set as action item at MAC August 3 meeting. Requesting 56 lots on property zoned for 13. Proposed zoning 0.4 acre parcels, existing zoning 2.3 to 4.6. Requesting Rezone and General Plan Amendment. Both projects are located on south side of Douglas Boulevard.

The Planning Commission could hear these projects in September.

Hawk Homestead - Located at Barton and Cavitt-Stallman Roads. Requesting 109 lots on 245 acres zoned for 37 homes. Proposed are 0.4 acre parcels where zoning is for 4.6 to 20 acre. Requesting Rezone and General Plan Amendment. Lot sizes projected to be as follows:
37 lots .5 to .6
24 lots .61 to .7 acres
26 lots .71 to .8 acres
9 lots .81 to 1.0 acres in size and ONLY
13 lots of greater than an acre in size.

NOTE: The existing zoning on 2/3 of site requires lots of no less than 4.6 acres per lot, and 1/3 of site requires a minimum lot size of 20 acres. This property is in the heart of the most rural area of Granite Bay and is surrounded by large parcels. This project could be precedent setting as the large property on the east side of Barton Road is currently undeveloped. Both properties border Loomis Town Limits where the lots are generally 5 acres.