UPDATE: Proposed Barton Road and Cavitt Stallman High Density Project

The opportunity to comment on the Notice of Preparation has closed; so, the County will now conduct the environmental review process which will review ALL of the 80 specific issues that were noted in the Initial Study as issues that could have a “Potentially Significant Impact” on our existing environment as well as the items that were brought to the attention of the County in the letters they received in response to the Notice of Preparation. This process will take some time and the Draft EIR—the complete environmental study of this project—will not be available until early next spring.

The next step is to circulate a petition to bring this to the attention of the community and let the County know how the community feels about rezoning 4.6-acre parcels to 0.4-acre parcels. (Click here to see a chart comparing the current zoning and the proposed rezoning for the project.) Circulating a petition and then submitting it to Chris Schmidt, MAC, Planning Commission, and Board would get the County to request a community survey, which is really important, not only to this project but to the future development of many other projects within the Granite Bay Community Plan area.

So, to organize the circulation of this petition:

  • If anyone has experience with preparing and circulating a petition that would work for this particular situation

  • Or anyone wants to take on this task and set up signing stations to bring this issue to the attention of our neighbors and get signatures

  • Or if anyone is willing to go door to door with our petition to get signatures

Please click here to e-mail Diane Will.

In addition to circulating this petition, while the environmental review is being done, we still need to be involved in the ongoing progress of this project and we need to share our thoughts with County on specific issues proposed by the project. One of these issues is the project proposal to have two-story homes. The County has been made aware that there are not ANY two-story homes adjacent to the proposed project so this project should not have any two-story homes. In response to this, the County stated we should consider specific lots that should only have one-story homes and have a reason why we think this is appropriate. Click here to see a map of the project site. The home sites are identified by number; click here to e-mail Diane and share your thoughts on which numbered lots you think should be single-story residences and why. Please feel free to email Chris Schmidt in planning (CRSchmid@placer.ca.gov) with your comments on this as well.

A Facebook page was recently created to further help inform the community on this issue. Please click here, to join.