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Scouts to Collect Christmas Trees

Boy Scout Troop 121 is offering curb side pick up of your Christmas tree on Saturday Jan 8, in the area south of Cavitt-Stallman Rd., for a tax deductible donation of $10 per tree. Or you may take your tree to Cavitt Jr. High parking lot Jan 8 or 9 from 9 to 4 for a donation of $5. For special requests or more information call 730-0588

MAC Residential Burn Sub-Committee to Meet

The MAC Residential Burn Sub-Committee will meet Thursday, Jan 20 at 7:00 p.m. in the portable building at Fire Station #1, 6900 Eureka Rd. 

State Lists Sex Offenders in Granite Bay

The California Department of Justice's web site, lists 5 registered sex offenders living in Granite Bay. The site displays the last registered address reported by the persons required to register in California as sex offenders. .....

Supervisors Approve Permit Parking

The County Board of Supervisors approved an ordinance implementing a "Permit Parking" program on specific streets in the Tree Lake area that are within about 10 minutes walking time from the Granite Bay High School. Parking Permits will be required to be displayed in any vehicle parking on the affected streets from 7 to 10 A.M. and from 1 to 3 P.M. on days when school is in session. The program is projected to become effective 14 Jan 05.

Granite Bay Marshland to be Preserved

Placer County Supervisors approved a "Resolution of Intent" to preserve, in perpetuity, the emergent marshland located across Douglas Blvd. from the Lutheran Church.

MAC Recommends Approval of 32 lot Development

Despite emotional concerns of neighbors, the MAC recommended approval of a 32 lot development on 31.8 acres at the southwest corner of Olive Ranch Rd. and Berg St.  County staff indicated they were supporting the proposal because it was in compliance with the Community Plan. The MAC also recommended consideration of traffic calming measures on neighboring streets to discourage through traffic and help control speed.

Information items presented to the MAC included a proposal for a 43 unit adult, age restricted community located on a 12-acre parcel, next to Oakhills and Ridgeview Schools. The proposal received support from realtors and friends of the developer, but neighbors and community members expressed concern about non compliance with the community plan and the proposed 700% increase in density.

A proposal for a Car Wash and Auto Lube to be located on property behind the existing Walgreen store on Douglas Blvd. received generally positive comments

MAC Parks Committee Meeting is Canceled

The MAC Parks Committee meeting originally scheduled for Dec. 1 has been cancelled. The next meeting of the committee will be 5 Jan 05.

MAC to Take Action on Berg St. Development

The Granite Bay MAC is scheduled to take action on a 32 lot planned residential community proposed on 31.8 acres located at the southwest corner of Olive Ranch Rd. and Berg St. Information items on the agenda include a proposal for an active adult, age restricted community located on a 12-acre parcel, next to Oakhills and Ridgeview Schools, and a proposal for a Car Wash and Auto Lube located on undeveloped property behind the existing Walgreen store on Douglas Blvd. 

Fire District Hires a New Fire Marshall

Fire Chief Tony Corado has announced that the South Placer Fire District has selected Capt. Lawrence Bettencourt to be the new Fire Marshal for the District. Capt. Bettencourt is presently a Station Captain at Station 3 and will assume his new duties 13 Nov. 

Ron Feist Park Donations Mount

Donations for the Ron Feist Park continue to mount and construction on three ball fields continues weather permitting. Cash donations received to date total over $220,000, and local contractors and businesses have contributed nearly $120,000 in time materials and equipment for the park. In addition nearly $175,000 in time, material and equipment have been pledged for restrooms, snack bar, parking lots and a picnic pavilion. The High School District has pledged to build tennis courts valued at $300,000. This is all good news, but there is a long way to go to finish the north side of the park and a funding source for the south side soccer fields hasn't even been identified.

MAC Struggles With Parking and Traffic Issues

Permit Parking in the area around the Granite Bay High School was the focus of considerable debate as the MAC struggled to reach a decision on the issue. In the end, the MAC encouraged the high school, the County and the East Roseville Bible Church to finalize an agreement, to permit parking for over 100 cars on the church's property next to the fire station near the school. Additionally, they recommended the County proceed with establishing permit parking basically as was recommended by the transportation sub-committee. 

On a second issue, the MAC failed to take an action on a 32 lot sub division on Berg St. indicating there were too many unanswered questions relating to traffic issues and requested the developer and County staff return in December with further information. 

Citizens Reject Firefighters Slate of Candidates

In yesterdays election, voters in the South Placer Fire District appear to have rejected the Firefighter Union's effort to elect candidates, that were more sympathetic to their cause, to the Districts Board of Directors. With all but an unknown number of absentee and provisional ballots counted, Dave Giblin, Gary Grenfell, and Jeff Moss, are the top 3 vote getters. 

Other Local Election Results

In the San Juan Water District Ken Miller and Pam Tobin are the top two vote getters.
In the Roseville High School District, R. Jan Pinney, Garry Genzlinger, and Paige Stauss are the top three vote getters.
Roseville High School District's Measure J passed with 59% approving the measure
Mike Lee won re-election to the Placer County Water Agency

Parking Issues and New Development at November MAC 

Permit Parking in the area around the Granite Bay High School as well as a 32 lot subdivision on Berg St. will be the action items. 

A proposed 17 lot subdivision located south of the existing Eden Roc subdivision and a project at the north/east corner of Sierra College Blvd. and Eureka Rd. consisting of a wine country style quaint village including a 60 room hotel will be presented as information items.

Placer Republicans Endorse Fire District Candidates

The Placer County Republican Party has announced it's endorsement of Jeff Moss, David Giblin and Anita Wright for election to the South Placer Fire District Board of Directors.

Congressman Endorses Fire District Candidates

Congressman John Doolittle announced today that he is endorsing Jeff Moss, David Giblin and Gregary Grenfell for election to the South Placer Fire District Board of Directors.

Sub-Committee Recommends Permit Parking

The MAC Transportation Committee will recommend the MAC request the County implement Permit Parking in an area within about 10 minutes walking time from the Granite Bay High School. The area includes a portion of the Tree Lake area and Eureka Rd. Parking Permits would be required to be displayed in any vehicle parking on the affected streets Monday through Friday, from 7 to 9 A.M. and from 1 to 3 P.M., from 15 August through 15 June. The issue will be discussed at the November 3 MAC meeting. 

MAC Transportation Sub-Committee Meeting 

The MAC Transportation Sub-Committee will meet Wednesday October 13 at 6:30 p.m. in the Eureka School Library at 5477 Eureka Rd. The purpose of the meeting is to develop a recommendation, for the MAC to consider, regarding mitigation of parking impacts from high school students in the Tree Lake area.

MAC Hears Plethora of Issues

MAC sifted through 6 major issues in a 3 1/2 hour long session last evening, ultimately providing comments and direction on some issues and recommendations of approval for others. 

1. MAC recommended approval of a concept presented by the Community Association and County staff to preserve the emergent marshland across from the Lutheran Church on Douglas Blvd. in perpetuity.
2. After input from the High School, the County and residents of Tree Lake, the student parking issue near the school was referred to the MAC Transportation Committee to develop a recommendation. 
3. The lighting plan for the Quarry Pond commercial center south of Douglas Blvd. near Berg St. was recommended for approval.
4. Comments to County staff concerning the design of the proposed replacement bridge on Barton Road included excessive width, length and height.
5. Positive feedback was provided for the conceptual plan of a proposed church on 75 acres at the top of the hill on Sierra College Blvd.
6. MAC expressed concern that the size of the parcel south of Douglas Blvd. across from Bushnell Nursery would not accommodate a proposed car wash and small retail center.

Dr. Ron Feist Endorses Fire District Candidates

Dr. Ron Feist, recently retired Eureka Union School District Superintendent and a current board member of the South Placer Fire District, announced today that he is endorsing Jeff Moss, David Giblin and Gregary Grenfell for election to the South Placer Fire District Board of Directors.

Ted Gaines Expresses Concern For Our Fire District

In a letter endorsing Jeff Moss, David Giblin and Gregary Grenfell for election to the South Placer Fire District Board of Directors, Placer County Supervisor Ted Gaines, expressed concern about the future of our fire protection and ambulance service in South Placer County. His letter indicates a special interest group has their sights set on our Fire District because they see an opportunity for both a labor union takeover of the Board and potentially the consolidation of the South Placer Fire District with the Sacramento Metro Fire District.

Learn More About Water Meters

San Juan Water District, General Manager Shauna Lorance will discuss meters and metered rates at a public workshop on Thursday, October 14 at 6 p.m. The workshop will take place in the district’s board room at 9935 Auburn-Folsom Road. For more information, please call (916) 791-0115.

Sacramento Bee Endorses Fire Candidates

Citing potential conflict of interest with the slate of three candidates that are employed by Sac Metro Fire, the Bee has endorsed Jeff Moss, David Giblin and Gregary Grenfell for the South Placer Fire District. Indicating that they believe these candidates we be independent, and that they will watch out for employees, for taxpayers and for the safety of the public. 

Identity Theft Seminar Tuesday September 28

The On Tuesday Sept 28 the Placer County Sheriff's Office will present an Identity Theft Seminar from 7:00-9:00 pm in the Ridgeview Elementary School multi-purpose room (9177 Twin School Road, Granite Bay).  The seminar will help you protect yourself against the fastest growing crime in America.  The presentation will address issues such as safeguarding your identity, avoiding becoming a victim, how criminals obtain information, and what to do if you become a victim.  Detectives Jim Hudson and Alfredo Guitron, identity theft experts, will present the seminar.  Call 791-5884 for reservations (refer to Identity Theft Seminar).

MAC Approves Quarry Pond Project

On Wednesday 9/2 the MAC approved a redesign of the Quarry Pond shopping complex proposed south of Douglas at Berg Street. The Council withheld approval of the lighting plan until more information is available. The near standing room only audience also heard information on Lyme Disease and the West Nile Virus from County Medical staff. More information on both is available (.....Lyme, ...West Nile).  Other information items were heard as listed in the agenda item below.

West Nile Virus Found in Granite Bay

Placer County officials indicate a dead bird, (an American Kestrel) found in Granite Bay 11 August has tested positive for the West Nile Virus. County officials say the most important thing residents should do, is to protect themselves from being bitten by mosquitoes. .....more

September 1 MAC has a Full Agenda

Issues to be presented to the MAC include:
- a presentation on Lyme Disease & West Nile Virus
- a proposal to preserve a marshland in the heart of Granite Bay
- the history of Placer County Agriculture and PlacerGrown.
- a proposed 32 lot residential project at the corner of Olive Ranch Rd and Berg St.
- a proposed church on 75 acres located on Sierra College Blvd.
- the proposed development of 4 one-story commercial buildings to replace the existing boat storage on Douglas Blvd. at Berg St.

Hardware Store Set to Open

Several years ago, we had 3 hardware stores at the same time, then 2, then 1 then none for the past few years. Now, Granite Bay Ace Hardware is set to open its new store in the Granite Bay Village Shopping Center on Auburn Folsom Rd. The new store will open its doors August 17 and will celebrate its grand opening the weekend of August 27. Store hours will be 7 am to 8 pm weekdays, 7 am to 7 pm Saturdays and 8 am to 6 pm Sundays.

August MAC Meeting is Canceled

The regularly scheduled meeting of the Granite Bay Municipal Advisory Council (MAC) for Wednesday, August 4, 2004 has been CANCELED. The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Granite Bay Municipal Advisory Council will be Wednesday, September 1, 2004.

(NOTE) The Parks sub-committee will hold its regular meeting at 5 pm.

Workshop Scheduled for Barton Rd. Bridge Replacement

Placer County Public Works Dept. will hold a public workshop Thursday, August 5th, from 4 to 7:30 pm at the Eureka School Library to discuss the design and construction process of a new bridge to replace the old bridge on Barton Rd. where it crosses Miners Ravine. For further information you may contact Sherri Berexa at 530-889-7546.

Lot Splits to Create Eight Lots

The Placer County Parcel Review Committee will review requests from property owners to split 2 parcels totaling 40 acres into 8 lots all greater than 2.3 acres. The parcels are located south of the existing Boat Storage facility on Douglas Blvd about 500 feet west of Barton Rd. The hearing will be July 28th at 9:30 am in the Planning Commission Hearing Room in Auburn.

Granite Bay's Community Park Grand Opening

After 16 years of waiting, planning, and frustration, Granite Bay has a Community Park. Placer County Parks Div. with Supervisor Ted Gaines acting as master of ceremonies celebrated the Grand Opening of the new park located at the southeast corner of Douglas Blvd. and Barton Rd. by unveiling a wall of honor dedicated to those who were instrumental in creating the park. The park has 2 ball fields, 2 soccer fields, 2 tot lots, and a picnic area with BBQs. 

MAC Accepts Site Design, Rejects Building Design

Plans for a new retail center "Quarry Pond" to replace the existing boat storage facility on the south side of Douglas Blvd. at Berg St. were reviewed by the MAC Wednesday. The MAC and the public generally agreed the site layout was very nice, but all seemed to reject the proposed building design as being too urban, or too industrial like. The consensus seemed to urge a building design that will provide a much more village or rural residential look, with some timbers and hip rooflines.

Another Wireless Antenna is Proposed

AT&T Wireless is proposing a 70 foot tall antenna disguised as a tree at the fire station on Auburn-Folsom Rd. to improve service in that area. The MAC and the public alike were very concerned about the appearance of the site, and urged the applicant to include significant landscaping to shield the equipment from view.

High School Accused of Inadequate Parking Policy

Repeated complaints from residents, about student behavior and student parking on the streets around the Granite Bay High School, led the MAC to initiate a letter to the School District Trustees urging the District to take an aggressive pro-active approach to solving the problem. The MAC accused the High School School District of failing to adequately address the issue and encouraged them to seek a solution to the problem internally by mitigating the issue on campus.  


A reminder, that all fireworks are illegal in unincorporated Placer County including Granite Bay. No fireworks of any kind are permitted including those labeled safe and sane, no sparklers, nothing. Citations will be issued to violators and it will be hazardous to your wealth. 

Help Wanted at the Fire District

The South Placer Fire District is looking to fill its vacant Fire Marshals position. The District is accepting applications for the position until 5:00 p.m. August 27, 2004. The selection process is tentatively scheduled for the week of September 20, 2004. If you would like additional information or the full four page announcement, please call Debra Frick (916) 791-7059 or go to

Board Approves Auburn Folsom Widening Plan

The Board of Supervisors approved the staff recommendations to widen Auburn Folsom Rd to four lanes. The project will be completed in phases as financing is available. The first phase will include a new signal at Fuller Dr., the construction of 4 lanes south of Douglas Blvd. to about 1500 ft south of Eureka Rd. and the acquisition of  right of way for the whole project. The second and third phases will not be constructed until financing from other than local funds become available. The new signal at Fuller will be installed in 2005 and the remainder of phase one is targeted to be complete in 2006.

Another Bond Measure Planned by High School District

This summer’s Roseville Joint Union High School District's construction projects will not fully address the needs of the rapidly growing student population according to the District's Superintendent.  He indicates two new schools are needed to accommodate future students and for this reason the Board of Trustees plans to place yet another Bond Measure on the Nov. 2004 ballot, to fund construction of new schools and pay for the continued renovation of existing facilities and technology. .....more

Family Living History Day

Do you wonder what it was like to live in Placer County a century ago? You can step back in time and experience the daily lifestyle of the 1800s on Sunday 27 June from 2 to 5 pm. at the Bernhard Museum, 291 Auburn-Folsom Rd, in Auburn. Follow in the steps of the pioneers. Bake biscuits on a wood burning stove. Do laundry the old fashioned way.  

Family Living History Day is an ideal way for children to learn and have fun with their parents, or grandparents. Family Living History Day is free, but space is limited, please call ahead to make reservations (530) 889-6500. Come in costume, if you wish!

Fire District to Establish a Strategic Planning Team

The South Placer Fire District is in the process of developing a Strategic Plan for the operations of the District. The membership of the Strategic Planning Team will include various employees of the district from all classifications and two (2) community members. If you are interested in participating, please submit a letter explaining your interest in participating in our strategic planning process to Jim Wenzel, Assistant Fire Chief, South Placer Fire District, 6900 Eureka Road, Granite Bay , CA 95746   

Fire District Presents Preliminary Budget

The South Placer Fire District Board adopted a $6.5 million preliminary budget for the 04-05 fiscal year, representing a very slight 0.3% reduction from last years budget. The reduction is due to significant cuts in Capital and Mitigation expenditures, but operational expenditures, including salaries and benefits, are proposed to increase by over 5%. 

The Board also authorized the collection of a Special Tax of $70 per parcel (that will yield $640,000) even though the District had nearly $1 million in the prior year fund balance. Comments from the public urging the Board to return the excess revenue to the taxpayers went without action.

CDF Suspends Residential and Campfire Burn Permits

As of Monday June 7, 2004 the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CDF) is on fire season status. Fire season means that burn permits are suspended and campfire permits may be suspended in certain locations due to the high fire danger. Anyone considering burning debris or lighting a campfire should check with local fire authorities first.

Supervisors to Hear Auburn Folsom Rd. Project

A public hearing will be held Tuesday, June 22, at 1:30 pm in the Board Chambers in Auburn to consider the Auburn Folsom Rd. widening project. Staff will seek approval of the EIR, Project Description, the funding and phasing plan, and will seek permission to go to bid for a signal at Fuller Dr. and Auburn Folsom Rd. Interested persons are invited to attend the hearing or submit their comments in writing to the Clerk of the Board prior to the hearing date.

MAC Supports Phased Road Improvement

The MAC unanimously recommended approval of the County's latest recommendation for the phasing of Auburn Folsom Rd. improvements. Due to the absence of regional funding and the unwillingness of the community to mortgage the entire community traffic mitigation fund to finance the $21.4 million project. The latest proposal outlines a 3 phase project. The first phase, at a cost of about $7.2 million, focuses on acquiring all the right of way, installing a signal at Fuller Drive and extending 4 traffic lanes with landscaping to about 1500 ft south of Eureka Rd. Construction of the improvements at Fuller Dr. could begin in the spring of 2005. The second and third phases of the planned improvements would be implemented only as financial resources from other than local sources become available.

Environmental Disaster on Linda Creek

Describing it as an environmental disaster, Placer County officials have stopped the owner of the property at the southwest corner of Fuller Dr. and Auburn Folsom Rd. from cutting trees and grading in and around Linda Creek without permits. The owner likely will be cited for his actions that blocked Linda Creek and destroyed a riparian area about 800 feet long. The area of disturbance is reported to be at least 5 acres. State and Federal authorities have also been notified.   

Commission Approves Shopping Center Modifications 

The Planning Commission approved the addition of three 3 new buildings, totaling about 8000 sq. ft., with landscaping at the south end of the Granite Bay Village Shopping Center near Fuller Dr. The proposal plans to move the Fuller Dr. entrance to the Center a little east to enable diagonal parking directly in front of the post office. A landscaped center median in front of the post office will have postal drop boxes. This modification along with the improvements being made on the rest of the center including a new hardware store, are aimed at rejuvenating the center.

School District Renames Park In Honor of Ron Feist

Community leaders, school officials, teachers, friends, and family honored Dr. Ron Feist at his retirement dinner 22 May. The evening of presentations and testimonials was topped off with a standing ovation when Dan Clift of the Eureka School Board presented Ron with an artist rendering of the park formerly known as Twin Schools Park and declared that it would henceforth be known as the Ronald L. Feist Park. Dr Feist is credited for accepting the donated parcel, that is presently under construction at the corner of Elmhurst Dr. and Twin Schools Rd. for the school district and the community and for leading the way in the design and construction of the park. 

Fire District Not Interested in Contracting with Roseville

Citing the high quality of existing service, especially the medical service, and the absence of a community mandate to make any changes to the service being provided, the senior members of the Fire Board (Feist, Giblin, and Grenfell) rejected a proposal to look at contracting fire services to Roseville's Fire Dept. The issue, presented by the two board members presently employed by the same Sacramento based Fire Dept. that unsuccessfully attempted to take over the Dry Creek Fire Dept., was supported by the local firefighters union members but was vehemently opposed by community members in the audience.  Citizens and a board member alike, criticized the two board members for their behind the back contact with the Roseville Dept. without the consent of the entire board and questioned what their apparent hidden agenda might be.

Water District to Celebrate 150 Years of Service

San Juan Water District will celebrate 150 years of service on Saturday, May 22, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the District Office, 9935 Auburn-Folsom Rd. Bring the family to enjoy the free event that will feature the "Ghost of Mark Twain", the grand opening of the newly renovated water efficient landscape garden, giveaways, displays and refreshments.  

MAC Recommends Approval of Four Projects

At it's meeting 5 May the MAC recommended approval of the four projects presented for action.

Granite Bay Village Shopping Center/South - Recommended approval of three 3 new buildings at the south end of the center near Fuller, with a stipulation that the applicant return for a review of the buildings design and landscaping. 
Seymour Ranch - Recommended approval of a 17-lot subdivision located on Cavitt Stallman South north of Douglas Blvd. as presented.
Creekside Church - Recommended approval of construction of the church facility east of Sierra College Blvd. south of Old Auburn Rd. as presented. 
Dunmore Offices – Recommended approval of plans for 3 office buildings located at 8781 Sierra College Blvd. with a stipulation that light poles be no more than 16 ft with 250 watt lights and that landscaping be installed on the east and northern boundaries.

Additionally, proponents of a Kindergarten and Preschool on Old Auburn Rd. were asked to return after they have a pre-development meeting with County Planning staff. 

Although it was not a formal action, the community and the MAC were in agreement that there should not be a signal light installed at Berg St. and Douglas Blvd. when the project to replace the old buildings at the boat storage facility is constructed. Community comments favored construction of median dividers on Douglas Blvd. that would prevent left turns from Berg St. or from the commercial property onto Douglas. 

Sheriff's Dept. Hosts 2nd Karen Johnson Memorial Run

The Placer County Sheriff's Department is hosting its second annual Karen Johnson Memorial D.A.R.E. Run at the Sierra College track in Rocklin on Saturday, May 15, 2004 beginning at 8 a.m. The fundraising event, called the D.A.R.E. Fun Run in its first three years, was renamed in honor of Deputy Johnson who died in 2003. She was a D.A.R.E. officer and an avid runner who organized the Fun Run each year. Runners may request a registration form by calling (916) 791-5884 or click here to register online.

Fire Board Members Suggest Contracting Fire Services

n what some citizens described as yet another example of micro management of the District by two of the Fire Districts Board members (both are also members of a Sacramento fire fighters union), the directors have suggested exploring the concept of contracting fire services at the South Placer District to the City of Roseville. The board members, without approval of the entire board, met with officials of Roseville's Fire Dept. to explore options. Their action has put a hold on filling several vacant staff positions that were previously authorized. 

Citizens have expressed concern that the micro management by the board and the failure to fill the positions has placed the Chief in an untenable position that could affect the quality of emergency service being provided in the District. The subject will be on the 19 May agenda.

Local Coffee House Closes

Higley's Coffee House, a fixture in the old Whispering Pines Steakhouse building on Auburn Folsom Rd. for the past several years has closed it's doors for the last time. The facility will now be used as a meeting place for youth and adult events of The Rock of Granite Bay congregation.

Superior Court is Seeking Grand Jury Applicants

Placer County Superior Court is soliciting applications from county residents to serve on the 2004-2005 County Grand Jury. The deadline for applications is 5 pm Friday May 21. Applications are available by contacting the Executive Officer at 530-889-7404 or on line at

Supervisors Approve New Justice Center

County Supervisors have approved construction of a new South Placer Justice Center. The center will be located on Industrial Blvd. between Roseville and Lincoln. The first phase will cost $49 million and will include a courthouse. Other facilities to supports the courts will be added over a 20 year plan as finances become available. 

GB Press Tribune Will Donate to Parks Again

The Granite Bay Edition of the Press Tribune will once again donate $14 from each new subscription toward construction of the new Twin Schools Park. This offer is now valid for both new and renewal subscriptions. The paper has already donated nearly $2000 to the park.  .....subscribe

MAC Transportation Committee to Meet

The MAC Transportation Committee will meet 13 Apr. at 5:00 pm in the south portable building at the Fire Station on Eureka Rd. The committee will be considering new options and alternatives for financing and implementing the Auburn Folsom Rd. widening project.

Water District to Sponsor Drip Irrigation Class

The San Juan Water District will hold a free drip irrigation class designed to teach the basics of installing, operating and maintaining a drip irrigation system. The class will be instructed by UC Master Gardeners, Saturday, April 17, from 9 a.m. to noon at the San Juan Water District offices, 9935 Auburn-Folsom Road.

Open House For Dam Road Environmental Impact Analysis

The Bureau of Reclamation will hold two open houses to receive public comments on the environmental impact analysis to be prepared on the impacts of closing Folsom Dam Road.  Alternatives to be studied in the EIS include: the proposed permanent restriction of public access; ending the indefinite road closure at a yet to be determined time; reopening the road on a partial basis, and a no action alternative that would reopen the road to the level of access in place before the February 2003 closure. Public open houses are scheduled for Sacramento and Folsom to obtain comments on alternatives and the significant issues and impacts related to the proposed action.

April MAC to Review Proposed New Subdivision

The Advisory Council is scheduled to review a proposal to create a new subdivision called "Terracina" at its 7 April meeting.  The project is proposed to consist of 17 residential lots and 4 common lots and is located on the east side of Laird Rd. about 1/2 mile north of Cavitt Stallman Rd.

Water District Selects New Assistant Manager

The San Juan Water District has selected Keith Durkin as their new assistant general manager.  Durkin, a professional engineer and vice president of Kennedy Jenks Consultants, Inc. assumed his new duties March 22.  He has more than 20 years experience in engineering planning and design, project and program management, in addition to corporate management.  His duties will include overseeing management of the district’s capital improvement projects, and he will help manage the district’s transition to metered rates next year.

24th Annual Easter Egg Hunt April 3rd.

Granite Bay's 24th Annual Easter Egg Hunt will take place Saturday, April 3 at Cavitt Jr. High School. There will be a pancake breakfast at 7 am followed by fingerprinting, arts and crafts, fire truck display, music, Easter basket raffle, balloon twisting and of course the Easter Bunny will be there. The Hunt will start promptly at 10:00 am.

Checkpoint Finds Designated Drivers, No Arrests

The first CHP sobriety checkpoint of the year was setup on Douglas Blvd. between Joe Rodgers Rd. and Barton Rd. on St. Patrick's Day evening. Officers screened over 600 cars between 8 pm and midnight. Eleven sobriety tests were administered but no arrests were made. Only a few citations for various driving infractions were issued. 

Fund Raiser to Honor Ron Feist Will Benefit Park

A fund raising event called "Raising the Roof for Ron" is hoping to raise $70,000 for the Twin Schools Park by selling 4, 6, and 12 inch tiles for $100, $250, or $1000 to honor Dr. Ron Feist's efforts in helping to shape our community. The tiles will be engraved with special messages or the donors name and used in the construction of the park. Checks should be made payable to Eureka School District/Twin Schools Park and may be mailed to E.U.S.D. Raise the Roof, 5455 Eureka Rd., Granite Bay, CA 95746.

Board Review of Auburn-Folsom Widening Postponed

The Board of Supervisors will not consider the Auburn Folsom Road widening project March 23, as originally planned. At the request of Supervisor Gaines, consideration of the project is being delayed to allow more time to explore additional funding from regional bodies. Traffic studies have determined that 63% of the future growth in traffic on the road will be attributed to commuter traffic from out side the community. Yet the primary funding source proposed for the project is from the Granite Bay Traffic Mitigation Fee Program, which is supported by new development fees. Construction of the Auburn Folsom Road project may exhaust this fund, making it difficult to fund other future local road projects in the Granite Bay area.

San Juan Water Board Selects Interim Director

The San Juan Water District Board of Directors has selected an interim director to fill a seat left vacant when board member Lyle Hoag retired in December. Dave Peterson of Granite Bay, who has 20 years experience in water resources, was selected from a group of six candidates to serve the remainder of Hoag’s term, which expires in November 2006. Peterson joins Dorothy Kilgore and Joe Alessandri, the newly elected president and vice president of the board, and directors Ted Costa and Kenneth Miller. 

Bayside Church to Hold First Services in New Home

After 7 years in the planning, a couple years of legal wrangling and nearly 2 years in the construction process, workmen at the new Bayside Church at the corner of Cavitt-Stallman Rd. and Sierra College Blvd. continue to apply the finishing touches in preparation for the first services in the new facility Sunday 7 March. Their Grand Opening is scheduled for the weekend of March 20 and 21.

MAC Rejects Approval of Road Widening Plan Again

The Granite Bay MAC rejected County staff's proposal for widening Auburn-Folsom Rd. for the second time Wednesday evening. MAC members and the public alike cited significant disagreement with the staff's funding plan, that would leave the community with no funds in the traffic mitigation account for the next 20 years. MAC members and the Community suggested that since 70% of the projected traffic would be commuters passing through our community, the adjacent communities should help fund the improvements. The MAC voted 4 to 1 to not recommend approval of the plan.

Public Workshop Scheduled for New Folsom Dam Bridge

The US Army Corp of Engineers will host a workshop at Eureka School Multi-Purpose Room Wednesday 10 Mar. from 4:30 to 7:30 pm to take comments from the public relating to subjects the environmental studies need to address prior to construction of a new bridge at the dam.  If you have a concern about impacts from the bridge proposed below the dam, you should attend the workshop and let the Corps know your concerns.

Ground Broken for Twin Schools Park

 Ground Breaking ceremonies were held at the park site 25 Feb. to officially tip off construction of the park. Supervisor Ted Gaines addressed the gathering citing numerous community groups and individuals for their efforts to bring this park site to fruition. Not least of all Dr. Ron Feist who along with the School District Board had the vision to accept the property for a park site when it was offered.  

MAC to Hear Latest on Auburn-Folsom Widening

The 7 pm 3 March MAC meeting will hear the latest information about the widening of Auburn-Folsom Rd. and will receive a brief introduction to Digital Path Network, a high-speed wireless Internet service provider. Additionally, Bank of America will present a proposal for a stand alone sign for Bank of America.

Press Tribune to Help Fund Twin Schools Park

The Granite Bay Edition of the Press Tribune will once again donate $14 from each new subscription toward construction of the new Twin Schools Park. The promotion will run for the rest of the year. They also hope to do a mailing to non-subscribers in mid March wherein they will donate the entire $34 for those who respond during a two week window. The paper has already donated nearly $2000 to the park.

You are Invited to the Twin Schools Park Ground Breaking

A ground breaking ceremony will be held for the new Twin Schools Park on February 25 at 4:30 p.m. The festivities are open to the public. The park is on Twin Schools Road, between Oakhills Elementary School and Granite Bay High School.

MAC's February Meeting is Cancelled

The regularly scheduled meeting of the Granite Bay Municipal Advisory Council (MAC) for Wednesday, February 4, 2004 has been CANCELED. The next regularly scheduled meeting of the MAC will occur on Wednesday, March 3, 2004.

Meet the Candidates Running for Placer County Superior Court

Candidates for Judge of the Placer County Superior Court will present their views and respond to questions at a forum sponsored by Placer County Grand Jurors Association on Monday, February 9, 1:00 PM., in the Rocklin Library community room at 5460 5th St., Rocklin.  Colleen Nichols, and Frank Rowley are running for Judge in Office I. Jeffrey Penney and Kevin Burdick are the candidates for Office 2. The public is invited to attend the forum.    

You are Invited to the Placer County Blueprint Workshop

What will life be like for your children and grandchildren? Where will they live and play? How long will it take them to get to work? If these questions concern you, then come to the Placer County Blueprint workshop and put your fingerprint on the new blueprint of our county. The workshop will give you the opportunity to view and discuss maps depicting potential changes in our region over the next 50 years, make changes to suit you, and learn how those changes will affect air quality, traffic congestion, housing and the economy. The workshop will be Saturday, January 31, 8:30 am to noon at the Maidu Community Center, 1550 Maidu Drive, Roseville.  Please RSVP either online at

High School District Considers Another Bond Measure

Indicating that developers are paying only approximately fifty percent of the cost for constructing new facilities necessitated as a result of the addition of new homes, and citing continued rapid growth in the west Roseville area and overcrowded classrooms, the Superintendent indicates the District may seek another bond measure on the November ballot. Depending upon the outcome of the March election, the Board will confirm if a district wide local school bond measure will be pursued, and how much funding should be requested later this spring.

Secretary Needed for the Granite Bay MAC

The Board of Supervisors is looking to fill the Secretary position for the Granite Bay Municipal Advisory Council (MAC). The MAC meets one evening per month, normally the first Wednesday. The position entails mailing out the agendas, taking minutes and other related duties. The applicant must provide their own transportation and reside in Granite Bay. The position pays $100 per meeting and is considered voluntary. The MAC is a great way to get involved in the community. For more information, please contact Melanie Eustice, Placer County Board of Supervisors, (916) 787-8950.

Seniors Commission Presents Issues to the Candidates 

The Placer County Commission on Ageing held a forum presenting Pam Tobin, a candidate for the 4th District County Supervisors seat, with four major issues for seniors. The issues discussed included Transportation for seniors, Senior Housing, Home Services for seniors and seniors access to information.  Supervisor Ted Gaines was unfortunately unable to be present due to a conflict in his schedule.

Park Task Force Working to Reduce Park Costs

The Twin Schools Park Task Force headed by Phil Johnson is working to develop a Community Volunteer Partnership with the County, School District, local contractors, developers, business organizations, families, service and athletic organizations. The goal of the partnership is to reduce the cost of constructing the Twin Schools Park from the estimated $2.3 million to less than $1 million through volunteered labor and materials.

Rotary to Sponsor Crab Feed to Benefit Parks

Granite Bay Rotary is having a crab feed Saturday January 31 at the Placer Fair Grounds in Roseville. The social hour will begin at 6:30 pm and dinner is at 7:30 pm. There will be dancing and a raffle with lots of prizes. Tickets are only $35.00 each. For details call Mike Baker at 791-4241 or Mike Wilson at 791-3596. Proceeds will go toward purchasing equipment and facilities for parks in Granite Bay.

Items Recommended for Approval by MAC

At it's Jan 7 meeting the MAC, recommended approval of Measure E, which is a $394 million bond measure for Sierra College on the March 2004 ballot. If approved by voters, the bond will cost homeowners $19 for every $100,000 of assessed value annually.

Additionally, the MAC recommended approval of a request for a stop sign on Barton Road at East Roseville Parkway. 

Plans for modification of the south end of Granite Bay Village Shopping Center (the area near the Post Office) that includes three new buildings and landscape modifications received very positive comments from the Council and from the public.  

Burn Barrels and Burning Paper and Cardboard Prohibited

Beginning January 1, 2004, the use of a burn barrel and the burning of paper and cardboard will be prohibited in Placer County by a new state law aimed at protecting community health. The California Air Resources Board approved a statewide measure to reduce emissions of dioxins and other toxics from outdoor residential waste burning. While Placer County regulations have prohibited trash burning since 1974, that ban now extends to the use of a burn barrel for any burning and makes burning paper or cardboard illegal.