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January MAC Meeting Summary

Supervisor Report:
If Supervisor Kirk Uhler is not present, Ashley Brown will present

Pond View Parcel 2:
The applicant, Lisa Powers, is requesting approval of a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) Modification for the Pond Pavilion & Lofts project, since renamed Pond View, located at 5630 Douglas Boulevard. The proposed CUP modification would eliminate the Commercial Event Center previously approved for the project and replace it with up to 24,000 square feet of office space in one or more buildings. The additional offices would be located on Parcel Two, the eastern and southern portions of the project site.

Presenter: Lisa Powers (20 minutes)


Pioneer Community Energy Enrollment Notices in the Mail to Residents and Businesses for Auburn, Colfax, Lincoln, Loomis, Rocklin and Unincorporated Placer County

In December, residents and businesses will receive the first of several notices informing them about the coming change in their electric energy supply from Pioneer Community Energy (Pioneer).

Auburn, Colfax, Lincoln, Loomis, Rocklin and Placer County have partnered to provide lower cost electricity to the residents and businesses within their jurisdictions.

Every customer will continue to receive a PG&E bill that will show Pioneer Community Energy as the provider of the electricity generation. All payments will continue to be sent to PG&E. PG&E will continue to transmit and deliver the electricity, maintain the power lines, and respond to all service needs, such as power outages.

"Instead of being beholden to a statewide entity subject to the whims of its stockholders, the Pioneer Board establishes local control over electricity rates and will be able to design programs that meet the needs of the residents and businesses in Placer County.” said Supervisor Jennifer Montgomery, Chair of the Pioneer Community Energy Governing Board. "With local control, we can provide lower and more stable rates and do more to meet the local goals and priorities of our communities."

Enrollment starts in February 2018, and will be automatic, to ensure fair and equal access to the benefits of Pioneer electricity rates and programs for all ratepayers. All residents and businesses in the service territory then have the choice to continue receiving the benefits of Pioneer Community Energy, or to remain with PG&E. For more information, visit www.pioneercommunityenergy.ca.gov or call 1 (844) YES – PIONEEER (1-844-937-4766), toll free.

December MAC Meeting Summary

Supervisor Report:
If Supervisor Kirk Uhler is not present, Ashley Brown will present

Hacienda Carmelitas Event Center:
Hacienda Carmelitas Event Center is a proposal to develop a commercial event center at the corner of Eureka and Auburn Folsom Roads. The Center will primarily function as a facility for social gatherings. The facility will consist of one grand hall, bar, kitchen, office and storage which will be made available for use by various private groups for activities such as meetings, parties, weddings, receptions and dances. The building will total 8,500 SF consisting of the 3,000 SF existing structure and 5,600 SF new structure. An additional 6,400 SF of outdoor space will be used in the existing courtyard for ceremonies. No mature trees will be removed and the open areas and courtyards will essentially remain the same. A new parking lot with 87 spaces will be constructed on the west side if the parcel.

Presenter: Ziyad Mansour, Engineer


Employment Services Customers Celebrated For Finding Jobs, Purpose

Curtis Pierce is hopeful again. Hopeful, and hungry to learn. After losing his job, unemployment had thrust him into a spiral of negativity. Then, he reached out to Placer County Employment Services. They paired him with a counselor and began offering support, ranging from resume and interview help to on-the-job experience. Click here to read more

Placer County Library Celebrates Mandarin Season with “Paint Placer Orange” On Dec. 6

Things are about to get very sweet at the Placer County Library as the county celebrates the seasonal mandarin harvest with the “Paint Placer Orange” event Dec. 6. Click here to read more.

Placer County’s Fifth Annual Employee Art Show, Placer Creates, Opens

Works of art created by Placer County employees will be on display at six county office buildings as Placer County’s fifth annual employee art show, Placer Creates, opens today. This year’s art show features over 80 pieces of art from more than 40 artists, ranging from photography, painting and sculpture to textiles and music. Click here to read more

Placer Museums in Auburn to Exhibit Traditions of Christmas Past

Placer County Museums is decking the halls of three Auburn museums this year with the trappings of Christmas past, with festive exhibits on display from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day. Click here to read more

Update on Granite Bay Memory Care Facility

Click here to read more about the Extension of Time Notice for the approved Memory Care facility located across from the Granite Bay Library. In addition to this approved care facility, the Ovation Senior Living two-story facility of 114 units on Sierra College just south of Old Auburn Road has also been approved.

A Notice of Preparation Scoping Meeting will be held on November 7 at 10:00 to inform interested parties about the proposed 3 story Placer Retirement Project for 160 total residents located on Sierra College and Old Auburn Road. This parcel is zoned from 3 residential lots. County will accept written comments until 5:00 p.m. on November 15 which can be sent to cdrsecs@placer.ca.gov

November MAC Meeting Summary

Supervisor Report:
If Supervisor Kirk Uhler is not present, Ashley Brown will present

Community Housing Fair to Benefit Homeless Veterans in Placer County:
County and Veteran’s Affairs staff will provide an overview of a Community Housing Fair scheduled for December 8, 2017 in Auburn. The Community Housing Fair is hosted by the VA Sierra Nevada HUD-VA Supportive Housing Program in partnership with the Placer County Housing Authority, and several community partners to provide homeless veterans with an opportunity to leave the event with keys to an apartment and possible employment opportunities.

Presenter: Matt Kerr, LCSW/HUD-VA Supportive Housing Supervisor

Placer County Code, Chapter 17, Zoning Text Amendments:
The Planning Services Division is proposing amendments to the Placer County Zoning Ordinance (Placer County Code, Chapter 17) to implement a new State regulation and make additional changes that will clarify and simplify implementation and interpretation of the Zoning Ordinance. The proposed Zoning Text Amendments would include revisions to the following sections of the Zoning Ordinance: Definitions, Allowable Land Uses and Permit Requirements, General Development Regulations, Antennae & Communications Facilities Section, and Temporary Outdoor Events. Additionally, this Zoning Text Amendment includes the creation of a street-side setback requirement, update of residential lot coverage standards, revisions to the nuisance abatement process, the inclusion of setback regulations for solar panel arrays, and other minor revisions. The proposed Zoning Text Amendments are intended to update Chapter 17 and further streamline implementation of the Placer County General Plan.

Presenter: George Rosasco, Planning Services Division

Granite Bay Update Newsletter

A number of projects have been proposed that will have an impact on the community and are in various stages of submittal at County. Click here to learn more about them.

Get Notifications If Disaster Strikes: Register for Placer’s Emergency Alert System

Placer County will join neighboring communities in a test of its emergency alert system Oct. 19, coinciding with the annual Great California ShakeOut drill for earthquake preparedness. Click here to read more

Placer Seeks Public Input on Proposed Winery and Farm Brewery Ordinance, Scoping Meeting Set For Nov. 1

With its planned winery and farm brewery ordinance, Placer County is working to further address the future development of wineries and farm breweries in the county, while encouraging agricultural economic development and protecting the character and long-term viability of our agricultural lands. Click here to read more.

Miles of Smiles Program to Expand To More Classrooms

One by one, kindergartners at George Cirby Elementary School approached Dr. Kayla Nguyen and opened their mouths as she peered in with magnifier glasses and a tongue depressor, searching for signs of cavities, abscesses or infection. Click here to read more.

Resource Fair Uplifts, Empowers People Experiencing Homelessness

Nathan and Joni, married for 17 years, came to the Placer Empowering People event looking for help with housing and dental care. But most important to the couple was making sure their pets, a Staffordshire terrier named MacDaddy and an English bulldog named Mumsy, were taken care of. Click here to read more.