The Granite Bay Community Association felt it necessary to defend and support the Granite Bay Community Plan that this community spent hundreds of hours creating Therefore, GBCA paid $602 to appeal the Placer County Planning Commission’s approval of the Chabad of Roseville which is proposed at the corner of Douglas Boulevard and Woodgrove Way. The appeal sets forth the following issues: Setback Variances, Adequacy of the Environmental Review, Aesthetic Impacts, Traffic, Design, Lot Coverage, and Height.

The Board of Supervisors has 90 days to consider the appeal and it is likely this item will be before the Board in late January or early February. To read the appeal which was filed click here.


This Zoning Text Amendment would exempt 78% of incorporated Placer County and funnel all tiny homes on wheels to just 28% of County. Even though Granite Bay is unincorporated, there is an established Community Plan with Goals and Polices which was developed by residents and adopted by County This arbitrary Zoning Text Amendment threatens to upend the entire character of rural, single family residential neighborhoods and no public notice would be given to neighbors for input. Click here for more details.

UPDATE: The July MAC Meeting & What Comes Next

Even though MAC changed its regular 1st Wednesday of the month meeting date to Monday, July 11, there was Standing Room Only to hear the Action item, The Park at Granite Bay, which is located on the west side of Sierra College Boulevard north of Old Auburn Road. The 16.3 acre site is zoned for .9 to 2.3 acres per dwelling and would allow a maximum of 16 homes. This infill project is surrounded by 1 to 4 acre lots and seeks a General Plan Amendment to the Granite Bay Community Plan, Rezone, and Variances in order to construct 56 homes.

There were just five MAC members present to hear input for and against the project. After about 2 hours, MAC voted 3-2 to deny the project stating an insufficiently compelling basis to recommend approval of the project given the concessions requested.

The next step in the process is for the Planning Commission to hold a public hearing which is tentatively set for August 25 at the DeWitt Center in Auburn. Unfortunately, this is just the beginning of the many projects requesting large increases in density and changes to land use.

Whitehawk I – Tentatively set as an action item at MAC August 3 meeting. Requesting 24 single family homes on parcel zoned for 8 homes, existing zoning is 2.3 acre parcels – proposed are 0.4 acre parcels. Needs General Plan Amendment and Rezone.

Whitehawk II – Tentatively set as action item at MAC August 3 meeting. Requesting 56 lots on property zoned for 13. Proposed zoning 0.4 acre parcels, existing zoning 2.3 to 4.6. Requesting Rezone and General Plan Amendment. Both projects are located on south side of Douglas Boulevard.

The Planning Commission could hear these projects in September.

Hawk Homestead - Located at Barton and Cavitt-Stallman Roads. Requesting 109 lots on 245 acres zoned for 37 homes. Proposed are 0.4 acre parcels where zoning is for 4.6 to 20 acre. Requesting Rezone and General Plan Amendment. Lot sizes projected to be as follows:
37 lots .5 to .6
24 lots .61 to .7 acres
26 lots .71 to .8 acres
9 lots .81 to 1.0 acres in size and ONLY
13 lots of greater than an acre in size.

NOTE: The existing zoning on 2/3 of site requires lots of no less than 4.6 acres per lot, and 1/3 of site requires a minimum lot size of 20 acres. This property is in the heart of the most rural area of Granite Bay and is surrounded by large parcels. This project could be precedent setting as the large property on the east side of Barton Road is currently undeveloped. Both properties border Loomis Town Limits where the lots are generally 5 acres.

UPDATE: Proposed Barton Road and Cavitt Stallman High Density Project

The opportunity to comment on the Notice of Preparation has closed; so, the County will now conduct the environmental review process which will review ALL of the 80 specific issues that were noted in the Initial Study as issues that could have a “Potentially Significant Impact” on our existing environment as well as the items that were brought to the attention of the County in the letters they received in response to the Notice of Preparation. This process will take some time and the Draft EIR—the complete environmental study of this project—will not be available until early next spring.

The next step is to circulate a petition to bring this to the attention of the community and let the County know how the community feels about rezoning 4.6-acre parcels to 0.4-acre parcels. (Click here to see a chart comparing the current zoning and the proposed rezoning for the project.) Circulating a petition and then submitting it to Chris Schmidt, MAC, Planning Commission, and Board would get the County to request a community survey, which is really important, not only to this project but to the future development of many other projects within the Granite Bay Community Plan area.

So, to organize the circulation of this petition:

  • If anyone has experience with preparing and circulating a petition that would work for this particular situation

  • Or anyone wants to take on this task and set up signing stations to bring this issue to the attention of our neighbors and get signatures

  • Or if anyone is willing to go door to door with our petition to get signatures

Please click here to e-mail Diane Will.

In addition to circulating this petition, while the environmental review is being done, we still need to be involved in the ongoing progress of this project and we need to share our thoughts with County on specific issues proposed by the project. One of these issues is the project proposal to have two-story homes. The County has been made aware that there are not ANY two-story homes adjacent to the proposed project so this project should not have any two-story homes. In response to this, the County stated we should consider specific lots that should only have one-story homes and have a reason why we think this is appropriate. Click here to see a map of the project site. The home sites are identified by number; click here to e-mail Diane and share your thoughts on which numbered lots you think should be single-story residences and why. Please feel free to email Chris Schmidt in planning ( with your comments on this as well.

A Facebook page was recently created to further help inform the community on this issue. Please click here, to join.

ALERT - Proposed Barton Road and Cavitt Stallman High Density Project

Proposed Project:

“GBD Communities proposes to develop the Hawk Homestead project in the Granite Bay Community Plan (GBCP) of unincorporated Placer County [on property formerly known as the Frank Andrews property]. Hawk Homestead features 108 rural estate home sites with extensive open space, trails and amenities consistent with the character and identity of Granite Bay. The 245.2-acre Hawk Homestead (HH) site is located at the northwest corner of Barton Road and Cavitt-Stallman Road in the Granite Bay community.”

The property is currently zoned for just 37 homes with a minimum lot size of 4.6 acres. This project proposal is asking for almost three times as many lots, 108 home sites as follows:

  • 43 units of 0.5-acre lots
  • 1 units of 0.75-acre lots
  • 38 units of 1.0-acre lots
  • 9 units of 1.5-acre lots
  • 7 units of 2.3-acre lots

This project requires an AMENDMENT to our Granite Bay Community Plan in order to obtain this substantial increase in zoning.

The community was extremely vocal about land use development when our Community Plan was updated in 2012. Due to the significant concerns of the community regarding increased development in the Granite Bay area, the Board of Supervisors adopted the updated Community Plan policies WITHOUT any changes to the Land Use Map. The community needs to be informed of this potential amendment to our GBCP and allowed to comment on whether this supports the goals and policies that we want for our community. If this Rural Estates property gets rezoned from 4.6-acre minimum to Low Density Residential and 0.5-acre parcels, where will the rezoning end? Will others with 4.6-acre minimum parcels also want their properties rezoned to 0.5-acre parcels?

Status of Project:

The Scoping Meeting was held on August 12 at Placer County offices in Auburn which allowed the community the very first opportunity to provide input as to what needs to be studied in the Environmental Impact Report required by this project. The statements of neighboring residents of this parcel and their concerns was very impactful and hopefully the County responds to the concerns.

What’s Next?

The NOP – the Notice of Preparation of an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) has been issued and the public has until August 27 to respond to this NOP. Attached is the Notice of Preparation as well as the complete project description and Initial Study conducted by the County as to issues they feel represent a significant impact brought by this project and areas that will be studied.

Whether you attended the Scoping Meeting or not, you should take the time to prepare a letter in response to the NOP to address your concerns. ALL letters submitted will be responded to by the County. Please address your letters of concern by mail, by fax or by email to:

  • Maywan Krach
  • Environmental Coordination Services
  • Community Development Resource Agency
  • 3091 County Center Drive, Suite 190
  • Auburn, CA 95603
  • Community Development Resource Agency
  • FAX: (530) 745-3080

Once the comment period closes on the Notice of Preparation, the environmental review process will begin and the Draft EIR will be available next spring.

What can I do?

  1. Inform others in the community about this project seeking a Permanent change in our Granite Bay Community Plan to allow 0.5-acre parcels in an area that is currently zoned 4.6-acre minimum. If this project is approval for 0.5-acre lot sizes on this property, it will set a precedent for any other 4.6-acre minimum parcel to be rezoned to 0.5-acres.

  2. Call Christopher Schmidt, Placer County Staff Planner, (530) 745-3076 and ask him to add you to his list of individuals to notify with respect to public meetings, etc. regarding this project. Chris is the staff planner who has been assigned to this project. Chris has been with the planning department for many years and was involved in the Granite Bay Community Plan Update. He is very familiar with our Community Plan and very interested in working with the community to address any concerns we have with respect to this project.

  3. Chris may also be reached at if you have any questions or concerns.

IMPORTANT NOTICE has received several e-mails recently that express concerns about different situations in the area; i.e. traffic problems, project development issues, down trees, etc. If your concerns are similar to the examples listed and are related to Granite Bay, Placer County, please send your email to

Water Worries

At its regular Board meeting on February 12, at 7:00 in the district office on Auburn Folsom Road, SJWD will consider available options for the crisis, and based on their grim discussions at the January 22 meeting there are no good ones.

Of great concern at this time is the WATER EMERGENCY. Granite Bay depends entirely on Folsom Lake for its water supply and even though our water rights are the oldest in the state (150 years) and we are supposed to receive 33,000 acre feet a year, Granite Bay is projected to have severe water problems by mid-July unless there is significant rainfall.

Also, the proposed Bay Delta Conservation Plan being pushed by Gov. Brown threatens the water supply for over 500,000 residents in this area. The plans to construct two huge tunnels would drain Folsom Lake to dead pool status every 8-10 years (something like it is now). What happens if this area experiences a drought and the lake has been drained by the tunnels? The BDCP does nothing to provide new water; it just moves water from this area.

SPFD & the New Healthcare Law

At a recent fire board meeting, an information item was presented to the Board of Directors that the new healthcare law may affect ambulance transportation revenues in the future with fewer transports to the hospital and more reliance on the engine paramedics to recommend other modes of patient treatment instead of the hospital emergency room. Sac Metro and Folsom Fire Departments have already begun charging for paramedic engine companies on medical responses as medical response fees are billed separately from the ambulance transport fees. The new law seeks to reduce frequent transports to the ER by incorporating a community paramedic into emergency medical services to evaluate and take vitals for high risk patients who would otherwise have been transported by ambulance.