ALERT - Proposed Barton Road and Cavitt Stallman High Density Project

Proposed Project:

“GBD Communities proposes to develop the Hawk Homestead project in the Granite Bay Community Plan (GBCP) of unincorporated Placer County [on property formerly known as the Frank Andrews property]. Hawk Homestead features 108 rural estate home sites with extensive open space, trails and amenities consistent with the character and identity of Granite Bay. The 245.2-acre Hawk Homestead (HH) site is located at the northwest corner of Barton Road and Cavitt-Stallman Road in the Granite Bay community.”

The property is currently zoned for just 37 homes with a minimum lot size of 4.6 acres. This project proposal is asking for almost three times as many lots, 108 home sites as follows:

  • 43 units of 0.5-acre lots
  • 1 units of 0.75-acre lots
  • 38 units of 1.0-acre lots
  • 9 units of 1.5-acre lots
  • 7 units of 2.3-acre lots

This project requires an AMENDMENT to our Granite Bay Community Plan in order to obtain this substantial increase in zoning.

The community was extremely vocal about land use development when our Community Plan was updated in 2012. Due to the significant concerns of the community regarding increased development in the Granite Bay area, the Board of Supervisors adopted the updated Community Plan policies WITHOUT any changes to the Land Use Map. The community needs to be informed of this potential amendment to our GBCP and allowed to comment on whether this supports the goals and policies that we want for our community. If this Rural Estates property gets rezoned from 4.6-acre minimum to Low Density Residential and 0.5-acre parcels, where will the rezoning end? Will others with 4.6-acre minimum parcels also want their properties rezoned to 0.5-acre parcels?

Status of Project:

The Scoping Meeting was held on August 12 at Placer County offices in Auburn which allowed the community the very first opportunity to provide input as to what needs to be studied in the Environmental Impact Report required by this project. The statements of neighboring residents of this parcel and their concerns was very impactful and hopefully the County responds to the concerns.

What’s Next?

The NOP – the Notice of Preparation of an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) has been issued and the public has until August 27 to respond to this NOP. Attached is the Notice of Preparation as well as the complete project description and Initial Study conducted by the County as to issues they feel represent a significant impact brought by this project and areas that will be studied.

Whether you attended the Scoping Meeting or not, you should take the time to prepare a letter in response to the NOP to address your concerns. ALL letters submitted will be responded to by the County. Please address your letters of concern by mail, by fax or by email to:

  • Maywan Krach
  • Environmental Coordination Services
  • Community Development Resource Agency
  • 3091 County Center Drive, Suite 190
  • Auburn, CA 95603
  • Community Development Resource Agency
  • FAX: (530) 745-3080

Once the comment period closes on the Notice of Preparation, the environmental review process will begin and the Draft EIR will be available next spring.

What can I do?

  1. Inform others in the community about this project seeking a Permanent change in our Granite Bay Community Plan to allow 0.5-acre parcels in an area that is currently zoned 4.6-acre minimum. If this project is approval for 0.5-acre lot sizes on this property, it will set a precedent for any other 4.6-acre minimum parcel to be rezoned to 0.5-acres.

  2. Call Christopher Schmidt, Placer County Staff Planner, (530) 745-3076 and ask him to add you to his list of individuals to notify with respect to public meetings, etc. regarding this project. Chris is the staff planner who has been assigned to this project. Chris has been with the planning department for many years and was involved in the Granite Bay Community Plan Update. He is very familiar with our Community Plan and very interested in working with the community to address any concerns we have with respect to this project.

  3. Chris may also be reached at if you have any questions or concerns.